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Wellness Xmas Bundles

Our amazing Xmas wellness gift bundles are finally here! 

We have collaborated with GTCL wellness to create these wonderful bundles. GTCL was founded in Singapore in 2013. It is a sustainable wellness company that aims to promote and preserve bio-diversity in ecosystems of lesser-known tropical produce.

In the process, they are helping to improve the health of consumers with their products, as well as the livelihoods of the farmers they work with. With a focus on Trigona bees, they support the education of farmers to keep these tiny bees for crop pollination, moving them towards organic farming and thereby benefiting from the resulting increase in crop yields across endemic varieties. With more bee colonies, they are able to provide their prized honey commercially. GTCL’s range of products include Trigona bee-pollinated crops such as activated pili nuts, medicinal Trigona bee honey, all-natural skincare and other wellness products.

We decided to collaborate with GTCL because we share the same mission and visions. Providing products that are both environmentally friendly and at the same time improving the health of consumers.

Hurry and shop for the one of a kind Christmas gift for your loved ones today!