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Xmas - Chasing wellness bundle

$35.00 SGD


Chasing wellness bundle is a thoughtful gift for your family and friends.

This bundle includes one of GTCL's Trigona throat spray 12ml and one of our 2oz Christmas beeswax candles. You can choose any one of our 2oz christmas candle.

GTCL Trigona throat spray has been scientifically-proven to kill 83% of bad bacteria. This mildly-sweet herbal tasting spray contains raw Trigona honey & propolis from stingless bees. Contains strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties - wonderful for soothing sore throats and ulcers, while refreshing the breath. Your mobile immune and throat health support. There are only 4 natural ingredients in this handy throat spray. Free from alcohol, preservatives and additives.

Direction: Use when needed. This is useful when you feel any throat discomfort especially after long hours of wearing mask. Caution: Contains pollen, suitable for children above 1 year old


The Therapeutic Co. candles are made of 100% natural filtered beeswax blended with a small portion of 100% organic coconut oil to enhance the scent throw. In addition, we use only 100% organic graded essential oils to achieve subtle soothing scents with therapeutic properties.  Our Christmas candles are available in two scents:

Sparkly Cinnamon
The classic Christmas blend for the season. Sparkly Cinnamon is a warm and cosy blend of Cinnamon and Sweet Orange. This relaxing aroma makes you think of cozy fireplaces and holiday celebrations wth family.

Cinnamon is known for their rich and earthy aroma, while Orange has a sweet, uplifting citrus scent.

Taste for Christmas
Yummy and addictive fruity blend of Black Raspberry & Vanilla. This is a sweet and citrusy scent. If you are someone who likes fruity scent, this is definitely for you.

Tin size: 2 oz / 4cm (height) by 5 cm (diameter)
Burning time is approximately 10 hrs.


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