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Hi everyone! I would like to share something about myself. As a young toddler I was diagnosed with childhood asthma and allergic rhinitis. It has been affecting my lifestyle ever since. Constant nasal blockages, itchy nose, sensitive skin, feeling lethargic all the time were some of the things that I have encountered everyday. I am very conscious about the food I consume and the products I use in so as to prevent further aggravation to my allergic problems. I am someone who loves lifestyle products, especially candles but I just can't seem to find that very special candle that I am not allergic to.

Beeswax candles however acts like natural air purifier. It releases negative ions in the air when burned to neutralize the surrounding air. You will not be able find these properties in other waxes. Most of the candles in the market are made of synthetic materials which may be harmful to our health due to long term exposure. Hence, I tried to stay away from candles that are not made with organic or natural materials.

One fine day, I decided to make my own candles and started spending a vast amount of time researching on aromatherapy and candle making. After many months of trial and error, I am proud to finally present you our hand-poured candles in four different scents, Breathe Ease, Calming Soul, Morning Fresh and Peaceful Dreams suitable for different moods. Do drop me a message if you want to know more about our candles.





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