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Why you should switch to Beeswax Candles

Why You Should Switch to Beeswax Candles

Candles are quite popular and used in a variety of settings ranging from accentuating ceremonial events to helping create a certain ambiance to enhance a mood. There’s indeed something remarkable about the warm, soft glow of a candle flame and its ability to create a sense of warmth in any room, and when infused with fragrance, candles become useful tools in aromatherapy that can evoke an array of emotions. 

Regardless of the intended purpose for a candle, when making your selection, opt for all natural beeswax candles. Not only do they offer health benefits, they are also environmentally friendly and safer than the soy and paraffin wax alternatives.

The Truth About Paraffin Candles

Most likely you’ll find paraffin candles are at a lower price point than beeswax or soy candles, but that should not be the only expense to consider. Paraffin wax is a byproduct created from petroleum, and contains the same noxious vapors as the exhaust fumes emitted from vehicles. Paraffin candles burn quickly and produce soot and wax drips, both of which will result in residue build-up and can actually stain walls and other surfaces. Additionally, the scented paraffin candles are typically infused with synthetic aromas that often contain phthalates, a toxic chemical that has been linked to various health issues.

In contrast, beeswax candles burn slowly, and are basically drip and soot-free. Whether scented with all-natural flower nectar, herbal oils, or the sweet honey-like fragrance that is naturally occurring in the beeswax, they are completely natural and biodegradable.

Soy versus Beeswax

While soy wax candles may be more eco-friendly than paraffin versions, soy crops are mass-produced using GMO plants that are treated with chemically laden pesticides and fertilizers. The mass-production of soybeans has depleted the rainforests and in recent years the natural environments and habitats have been majorly compromised.

The process required to make soy wax involves various treatments using a series of chemicals and when the candles burn, the residue of the chemicals are released into the air. Similar to paraffin wax candles, the scented versions of soy usually contain synthetic fragrances. Soy wax is safer than paraffin, but beeswax is overall the best in regards to being health friendly and renewable.

Beeswax is not man-made; rather the bees naturally produce it during the honey making process. Beekeepers make use of this natural byproduct and create beeswax candles, so each time beeswax candles are purchased the beekeepers are being directly supported. Thus creating more jobs for beekeepers.



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