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My Singapore My Home

Very excited to share our "My Singapore My Home" edition with all of you. A unique collaboration with our very talented digital creator, Yeni from Singapore.

A little bit more about @yenidraws:
She is a stay home mom and a self-taught illustrator. Her love for travel inspires her drawing. You will find colours, elements from around the world in the tea towels. Most of her designs are "plant-based". You can definitely spot a few plants and florals in them. She also hopes to inspire other mums out there in the world to pursue their dreams and passion while at the same time fulfilling their role as mums.

In addition, National Day is just around the corner. Both Yeni and I decided to launch our "My Singapore My Home" bundle to show our love towards Singapore. These bundles includes Singapore inspired tea towels and beeswax candles of your choice. Pamper yourself with exclusive tea towels and candles while you are enjoying your breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch or dinner. They are just perfect for any time of the day.