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Candle accessories set - Rose gold

$28.00 SGD

Our candle accessory includes a wick trimmer, a wick snuffer and a wick dipper.

Do you know that maintaining your candles is important in order to keep them burning clean and burning more evenly?

Wick trimmer:

A pair of metal scissors. With its special shape, the wick trimmer is easy to use in any container, be it small, deep or big. It makes a clean cut of the wick while recovering the debris on the plates. It measures 18 cm in length.

Why do you need to trim your wicks?

It helps to prevent smoky candle containers, it helps your candle to burn cleaner with less smoke, you will enjoy better candle fragrance diffusion, as well as reducing carbon buildup which causes wick mushrooming.

Wick snuffer:

Extinguish your candle with a snuffer. It helps to put out flame safely. The candle snuffer measures 17cm in length with comfortable grip. Hold the snuffer just above the candle flame to snuff it out. Wipe off any wax that might get on the snuffer with a tissue.

Wick dipper:

The ultimate trick for putting out a candle without smoke is to use a candle wick dipper. The method, using the dipper to bend the wick into the wax, will put out the flame without causing any smoke. Using the wick dipper, push the candle wick into the small pool of wax that forms beneath the flame. The hot wax will immediately put out the flame without emitting any smoke. Use your dipper tool to then pull the wick back out of the wax to the center position. This method also helps prepare your wick for the next use. You need to be extremely gentle when you push your wick back up from the wax otherwise your wick will be detached from your candle. Our wick dipper measures 20cm in length.

Our accessories are made of durable stainless steel. They are available in 3 different colours. Rose gold, luxury gold and matt black. 

For candle lovers, candle care is a big deal! Start caring for your candles now.

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