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Aromatherapy beeswax candle - Island Escape

$18.00 SGD


Escape from the hectic world and drift into a world of calm and tranquility.

Our beeswax candle, Island escape is a perfect blend of lemongrass and coconut evokes all that we love about spending summers in our ultimate beach destinations. Lemongrass reduces anxiety and relaxes your mind while the scent of coconut creates a pleasant and softer touch to the overall scent.

The Therapeutic Co. candles are made of 100% natural filtered beeswax blended with a small portion of 100% organic coconut oil to enhance the scent throw. In addition we use only 100% organic graded essential oils to achieve subtle soothing scents with therapeutic properties.


Tin size: 2 oz / 4cm (height) by 5 cm (diameter)
Burning time is approximately 10 hrs.

Tin size: 4oz / 4.5cm (height) by 6.5cm (diameter)
Burning time is approximately 20-30 hrs.

Shelf life: 1 year

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