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"Tea-rrific" - Dine with me

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Dine with me is a bundle where you can choose any one of the  tea towels exclusively designed by Yeni with some elements inspired by Singapore culture, tropical plants, Morocco decors  etc.. together with our Island Escape 8 pcs tealight beeswax candles. Pamper yourself with nice afternoon tea time with gorgeous décor, delicious cookies and your favourite tea.

" Tea-rrific" Tea towels come in four different designs.

Tea Towel options:

1. Grrrl, you got this no.1This collection is inspired by the women out there trying to make a difference to the world and are inspiring role models to our younger generations. Yeni hopes to inspire mums out there to continue to pursue their passion while fulfilling the role of being a mom at the same time

2. Morocco Je'taime no.2 - Yeni loves travelling. This collection was inspired by her love for travelling. There are many cities which she have not visited and the closest she can get is to draw them

3. No place like home no.3 - This illustration was inspired by Yeni's own home. You can spot some interesting elements which are currently on her wish list, such as the large indoor plants and vintage phone with Cheetah on it 

4. All about kuehs no.4 - This piece is inspired by local snacks and kuehs in Singapore. Singapore's own version of colourful steamed cake, the 9 layer cake is coated with different colour on each layer

5. My Singapore My Home no.5 - Yeni was in love with Peranakan housewares which plays a big role in this artwork


All natural 8 pcs tealight beeswax candles option:

1. Island escape is a perfect blend of lemongrass and coconut evokes all that we love about spending summers in our ultimate beach destinations. Lemongrass reduces anxiety and relaxes your mind while the scent of coconut creates a pleasant and softer touch to the overall scent.

These candles are carefully hand-poured. They are made from 100% beeswax which emits a sweet, subtle honey-like fragrance. Our candles are 100% natural and are free of paraffin and other toxins. We use only organic cotton wicks making our candles soot free. All candles should be placed on suitable candle holders or surfaces before lighting. Never leave burning candles unattended.

One of these candles should burn for approximately 2-3hrs. It is great to use them together with your favourite candle holders to create warm and cosy ambience at anytime of the day. Light up these tealights while you are enjoying your tea time and pair them up with tea towel designed by our local talented digital creator, Yeni. 

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